Ajay (morpork13) wrote in pen_pals,

Name: Amy/Ajay
Hometown: Durham, North East England. I'm currently at university in Southwell, near Nottingham.
Age/Birthday: 21/5th February

Well hello there :-) My name is Amy Jane Cockerill, though I've been Ajay to my mother and friends since the ark left town. I am a 21 year old Wildlife Conservation student at Nottingham Trent University, originally from, and hoping soon to live again in, Durham, North East England.

I have been penpalling for a number of years but people always stop writing. More recently, I have lost my uncle to cancer and been caring for my other half who was very poorly with glandular fever and all but one of my penpals did not see fit to forgive my delayed letters. So here I am, searching for new friends.

Most of my time is dedicated to reading, playing several musical instruments and I am trying to improve my photography skills. I visit a lot of parks, aquariums and zoos, learning more about conservation education in this country and investigating thoughts for future employment.

I find I like a variety of genres of music, people and groups but mostly say whether or not I like a particular song - every album has a track I don't like, I have a favourite by most people.. I like anything from Enya to Metallica, through country, pop, indie.. The lot really :-) Always willing to be introduced to something new! I play accoustic guitar, classical violin/country fiddle, flute and bodhran most often out of the rediculous collection I'm building up! Mostly country or folk, as these are more pleasant to hear on these instruments than rock etc..

I love going to the cinema - most recently I've really enjoyed Fracture, Ocean's 13, Hairspray and 'Order of the Pheonix. Bit of a mixture really :-)

My favourite authors are Harlan Coben, Dick Francis and Terry Pratchett. I'm currently working my way through the Clive Cussler books (borrowed from my grandfather in exchange for my Jonathan Creek and Harry Potter dvds!), have finished 'Deathly Hallows and exhausted John Grisham. I wish I had the imagination to create such things.

I don't write in lj anymore, it's just used for communities. I have a facebook account, mostly for sharing pictures with friends, keeping in touch the lazy way with those people you don't really talk to anymore.. Mostly I live on shelled warriors - I have two tortoise hatchlings :-) attention burglars - they're not here!

I haven't played much sport since I left school. Now it's just badminton with my other half.

I have had a pretty terrible year, all things considered and now, so close to graduating and getting on with the life I want, I'm in a position to get to know more people.
I handwrite my letters and write back with little delay (but things do crop up, I appreciate that people do have a life). I'd like to include things like photo's, postcards, stickers and other small things reasonably regularly. Things I think the person would like.
I am in a long-term relationship, I'm not particularly religious and while I study animals and have a tattoo (a seahorse, if you're interested), this does not make me a rioting hippie. I hope these things don't bother you :-)

I hate writing these things, they're so limiting!
If you'd like to exchange letters please feel free to e-mail me directly (ajaycockerill [at] hotmail [dot] com) or leave me a message here. I hope to hear from you soon :-)
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